Special Education

  • Special Education refers to “specially designed instruction (SDI)” to meet the needs of an exceptional student whose school performance is adversely affected. The term “exceptional” includes children with a physical, emotional, or mental disability.

    Special Education supports and services in the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) includes a full continuum of services and are in compliance with both the federal - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and state - Chapter 14 of Pennsylvania School Code laws. BASD strives to build special programs specifically tailored to the assessed needs of a student and attempts to deliver those programs in the regular education environment as much as possible. BASD is committed to creating programs that are integrally involved with and delivered through general education.

    A student with a disability, who is in need of specially designed instruction (SDI) within BASD, is supported by a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) and an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Per state mandates, all students deemed eligible for special education services with an IEP are re-evaluated every three years, except those students identified with an Intellectual Disability, every two years. All IEPs are reviewed and/or revised at least once a year. BASD is committed to working with parents to design and identify the supports and services that most appropriately meet the individual needs of students through district services and resources through outside agencies.


    Brenda Solitario, Coordinator of Special Education, bsolitario@basdschools.org
    Denise Golden, Educational Support Teacher, dgolden@basdschools.org
    LS (K-5),  LSS, PS, MDS, VI,  HI (K-12)

    Julie  Matla, Coordinator of Special Education, jmatla@basdschools.org
    Laura  Moyer, Educational Support Teacher, lmoyer@basdschools.org
    ES (-12), Chapter 15/Section 504

    Daniel Burkholder, Coordinator of Special Education, dburkholder@basdschools.org
    Kristen Amato, Educational Support Teacher, kamato@basdschools.org
    LS (6-12), AS, Gifted, SPL (K-12)