• Parent Response Protocol (Protocol de Respuesta de los Padres)

    Communication, cooperation, and understanding a situation are the keys in any emergency.

    The District will:

    • Keep safety first in mind at all times.
    • Contact you through media access or a rapid call system about emergency situations.
    • Update information through media and rapid call systems periodically, even if there is nothing new to report but to confirm current status.
    • Follow the process and procedures that will provide safety to students and staff.
    • Keep students informed, as appropriate per grade level, so they are aware of the situation.
    • If releasing students, will set a designated area for you to report for student pick up.
    • Will only sign students out with the parent or the person that is on the emergency file with the office.
    • Provide directions to off site locations if evacuated off school grounds.
    • Provide an appropriate environment and supervision if under a long term /shelter in-place situation.

    We ask parents/guardians/emergency contact persons to:

    • Provide emergency contact numbers and ensure that are on file in school and up to date.
    • Talk to your child and have a plan in place if needed in case of an emergency during school hours.
    • If your plan includes giving permission for your child to be able to be picked up by a person other than yourself, this MUST be on file in the school office.
    • Have personal identification to verify who you are when requested.

    Parent Reminders:

    • Do not panic
    • Refrain from calling your child; depending on the circumstance you could be placing them in danger of being detected by the ringing phone.
    • Reinforce with your children that in an emergency it is important for students to follow the directions of the staff and to not try to leave school grounds on their own.
    • Be aware that students that do not follow the given directions and act independently, consequences will follow.
    • Please - Wait for communication by the school to you about the situation. Do not call 911, or the school, or come to the school.

    Emergency Situations (Las situaciones de Emergencia)

    Unfortunately, our school district and others throughout the country may be affected either directly or indirectly by a crisis of some kind at any time. Therefore, it is our goal to be prepared to handle these unforeseen circumstances.

    In an effort to keep our students safe, we run drills regularly throughout the school year. All drills are based on 4 standard responses.

      Used when there is an identified threat outside of the school building
      Used when there is a threat inside the school building
      Used to move students and staff from one location to another
      Used when the need for personal protection is necessary, i.e. tornado, hazmat, etc.

    Alleged School Personnel Misconduct

    The BASD takes any allegation of school personnel misconduct seriously, and follows its practices and procedures which could include notifying all appropriate agencies and authorities. The District may not be able to disclose additional information at that time to protect the privacy rights of all involved.